Monday, December 24, 2012

Don't be on the fence

We decided to put more emphasis on the dichotomies our issues.  Just as a coin has two sides, a person comes to the kiosk, understand intuitively that there are two sides to the issue, and that he must choose one side.
After much debate, we decided that one side of the pillar will be painted red, and the other green (possibly through small LED lights). The goal is to create a very clear separation between the two sides.
All information related to vote in favor will be on the green, and all related information will be voting against the red side. Each side can see the status of the specific vote voting (on the green side, for example, one can see the votes for the decision). Also, at the bottom of each side will be the step that represents the vote related to this side.

The voter will feel that he is choosing side.

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