Saturday, January 5, 2013


The Storyboard ready!
We worked on the storyboard until the wee hours of the night, mainly because the amazing artist Guy Mofaz is the owner of a bar, and to gain precious time we met him at the bar.

here is the animated version of the storyboard:

Here is the user scenario of Stepolls (note the beautiful drawings):

Town Hall from afar

Zoom into one window at a meeting of the municipal see, see the mayor of Tel Aviv (Ron Huldai) asks the members of the town "How do we incorporate the public in this decision?"

One of the members goes up to the mayor of the municipality and answers: "Like in the past, we will return the discourse to the street."

Sharp transition to the street

The resident looks at Stepolls from afar and all he can see is a crowd of people around a large screen.

The resident comes closer, and sees a question, a video, and diagrams on the screen. In addition, he sees people who are standing next to keyboards and typing, as well as a person who is pressing a button.

 The resident approaches the screen, and clearly see the question.  He watches the video, and so realize the the buttons have "for" and "against" written on them, in accordance with the diagrams on the screen.

The resident begins to talk to people who are standing around the keyboards, and he realizes that they are expressing their opinions on the issue, and that what they are typing appears on the big screen.

Resident writes his own opinion, and you can see that what he writes on the keyboard also appears on the screen.

The resident goes  towards the voting buttons in order to vote.

The resident votes.

The resident is sitting at a cafe and checking the results of the vote using his cell phone.

This is an animated version of the storyboard:

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