Wednesday, April 10, 2013

User Study 4

Many people participated in our most recent user study.  We tested out the cube with the set faces, and recorded how people interacted with the product.

What did we learn?

1. Some people prefer to just read material on issue and do not want to watch a video before. You may want a wig of the info will be selecting from the start the video text (like once one of the characteristics we thought).

2. Currently lacks any hint of physical option of moving the cube freely (not all users realized they could move it themselves).  This might be due to us holding the cube during the user study rather than have it free-standing like we plan for in the future, and then the structure of the cube solve this problem, but in any case here are a few possible solutions:

A. Place the cube in such a way that it swings a little when not being touched, so you need to stabilize it when you start, then the transition will be intuitive to roll next face.
B. Place the cube at an angle, so that right at the beginning the user realizes that there is more than one monitor and understand that you need to roll.

Another option is what we talked about with Noa is to find a technological way to cause the user to understand that they received all the possible information from the current face, and so move on to the next one.

From what we had seen in the user study, it will certainly improve the user experience, so it's a subject worth exploring.

3. A participant who did not want to be photographed suggested that users be able to write your opinion as a comment/talkback.  It's a great idea and we considered it a while ago, but it doesn't work very well with our system.

4. Someone suggested to add personal information question about occupation, information wants to know videos opinion (because, for example if someone engineer can be'd prefer to see when I have the video to someone that whore, just an example to see if you came up here and reading e-mail).

5. People enjoyed playing with the cube and loved the idea

6. A note about the third face (recording opinion): In cases where the user does not watch public opinions before recording, it is not really immediately clear what to do. She suggested that we write that section "Record Your Opinion" instead of just "Your Opinion".

7. Many people wanted to record their opinions, but since it doesn't say where the information is kept, they find it daunting.

8. Add an option to cancel at the section for filling out information for those that come to it and decide they do not want to fill in details.

9. Something interesting that we noticed is that people choose different orders of interaction.  For example, one participant only watched the informative video before moving directly to vote, while another went through the whole process.  A third first recorded her opinion, and only the watched other people's.

Everything was quite clear and intuitive.  One thing we forgot to check, and we are not sure about, is the buttons that appear after the video is recorded.  We talked about the watch, submit and cancel, there is a possibility that the submit unnecessary.  Opinions are divided on so this is something worth checking out.

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