Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First User Study

Our first user study was done to check the potential of the interaction using the step, and to check if people are even interested in voting on municipal issues.  We wanted to see how intuitive voting using one's feet was and what people thought about it.

We met up in Bazel Center, which is in Bazel Street, Tel Aviv, and put a cardboard sign with a question about the location.  Below it was another cardboard sign with the diagrams of the results, and on the floor were two cardboard boxes to simulate the step sensors.

We learned much from this user study:
  1. Although voting by stepping on the block was fun, it was not intuitive.  Most of the people got close and instead of voting using the blocks, said their vote aloud or asked what the blocks on the ground were for.
  2. People do feel that there is a real need for this kind of thing.  People who answered our questionnaire claimed that the feel like they have no way to affect municipal decisions that affect their vicinity.
  3. People were not impressed by the look of the system and they didn't like the voting system.  The users  proposed we change the way we displayed the question.

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