Saturday, January 12, 2013

Second User Study: Internet Questionnaire and Physical Simuation

The second user study was done in two parts, an internet questionnaire and a physical simulation on the street.

In the online questionnaire, we were checking to see if people consider themselves socially involved  if they feel involved in their surroundings, if feeling involved is even important to them, and if they know what to do if they want to voice an opinion to city officials. the results of the survey excited us greatly because it showed that there was a real need for our product.

How involved do you feel in municipal decisions?

How important is it for you to be involved in municipal decisions?

Do you know how to get involved in municipal decisions?

The goal of the physical simulation was to check how the question being posed in a relevant location impacts discussion in the area. As we expected, people gathered around us and started talking between themselves and discussing and "arguing" about the issue we gave. Because of psychological studies that state that discussion helps people get more involved, and moreover increase vote turnout, we are happy that our kiosk does its part.

Our question: Are you for or against making this square into a parking garage?

People discussing the question:

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