Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Changes after Speed Dating

We decided to integrate with municipal appearance: we are taking the familiar billboard

and upgrading it

At the top of the pillar, the question/issue will prominently displayed, so that passers-by will be able to understand what is being discussed.
The circular part of the pillar will include objective data that we will present to the residents about the issue: key clip, opinions of different experts and public opinion (comments passers-by send in).
The flat side of the pillar will contain the voting method. On this side of the pillar the resident can see the results so far (by the two diagrams shown on the screen). At the bottom of the pillar there will be two steps, on which a resident can vote with.

The goal is that the user will get to the pillar, see the question/issue displayed, go up and read all the information about the issue, send his opinion to the system using text message, then vote (using his feet, of course) and continue on with the rest of his day in satisfaction.

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