Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tel Aviv - Jaffa Municipality meeting

Today we met with Dana Carmel from the Public Participation department in the Tel Aviv Municipality.

The meeting was very successful, and we came out of it

At the beginning of the meeting Ms. Carmel told us about how the Public Participation department works, the way public participation already works, and projects they are working on to increase residents' involvement in their city.

As she spoke, we all realized that we would compliment their ideas and intentions perfectly.

Ms. Carmel spoke about how they are working on public participation through internet means, but that nothing can replace physical interaction.  We realized that we fit exactly where the municipality needs.

After she was done explaining the process, we told her about Stepolls.  She was extremely excited about the venture, and gave us different directions to consider.

At the end of the meeting we decided to continue cooperation efforts, and that she will send us an issue the municipality is working on sometime in February, so that we can work on a prototype on a relevant, authentic, and current issue.

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