Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another change... will it ever stop?

After that we decided to divide the page dichotomously into pros and cons, we encountered the following problem: how do we present neutral information? Economic aspects, for example, could pose a problem.  One person might consider the project too expensive, in which case the information should be placed in the "against" side.  For another person, the cost might be completely reasonable and should be placed on the "for" side.

While looking for a solution, we tried to understand what is really important to us and we created a different design for the project. We thought to create a kind of "voting station", such as those that might have been used at meetings in ancient Greece, when the main goal was the discourse. "

A very good example of what we are thinking of can be found in the following video:

We decided to have a large screen with the question, current distribution of votes, user comments, and informative video. Around the area there will be keyboards on stands, and passers-by can type their opinions using a keyboard and see it automatically on the screen. The goal is to create a gathering keyboards around them, which naturally may create a discussion between people.

User interaction:
User arrives at the station, and the issue being debated on a large screen with its current voting status. In addition, he sees small gatherings in front of the screen. As he approaches, he noticed that the people are standing around keyboards, and are writing down their opinions, which appear directly on the screen. After he expresses his opinion, and see the information shown on the big screen, he goes up to the voting buttons and votes for himself.

In addition, after the user leaves the station, he can download an app that will show him the real-time state of votes, and also updates him on the final decision and other issues for which a survey station is being used.

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