Monday, January 14, 2013

Technological Aspect

 Build (Design):

The build going based on the regular billboard like in the picture below.

We going to replace the interior florescent lamp and posters with two slim screens.  These screens will be connected to PC that will be placed at the bottom of the billboard.

We will also add another shelf around the billboard.  On this shelf, we will put two radio buttons for voting, and another input device (unknown as of now) for the other features.


General Software Design:
Station Design - Windows Form Application (or WPF).
Voting & Record Form.
The basic form
Pressing play will let one record their opinion on the issue being discussed.
A person recording can see themselves on the screen.
A video can either be submitted or discarded.
Once a video is submitted, it is automatically added to the other opinion videos. 
Before the person voted, the distribution was as such.
After the person voted, the results changed immediately
 Video Form:

The basic form

A passer-by can press play and see objective information.  Some examples  are in the following pictures.

Once a person is done with the objective clip, they can watch the public's opinion

A person talking about their opinion on the issue.

The web application will be written in  It will have the information page of every station, with the informative clip and the public opinion.  We will also add an information page, to keep people up-to-date on new stations and what issues are being debated right now.

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