Sunday, November 25, 2012


After we decided on our new direction, we got together to decide what the main features are going to be in our product.  From the psychological study, we decided that the product should have the following features:

Give information about the issue - This information will be presented using a short, informative video.  It is important to us that the citizens be able to voice their decisions after reaching an informed decision rather than out of the blue.

Give the ability to vote in the issue - The voting will be done using a pedal-like device, so that one steps on their decisions.  The voter can vote either for or against.  Stepping down on the pedal will take a picture of the bottom of a voter's foot as authentication, so that no two of the same shoes can be used in the span of a minute.
The pedal comes from our need to manifest physically the metaphor we are using: put your weight behind your decision.

Display real-time results - Visually display the distribution of the results by using a bar graph.  It is important to us that the citizens see the results of the current vote because of the psychological studies we have read.

Display the results in front of city hall - A colossal, constantly-changing display of the results will be built in front of city hall.  The display will be built like two large test tubes, one filling up with red water, the other with green.  As soon as someone votes in the kiosk, the display will be updated, and the water level will change accordingly so that the results can be seen from far away.

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